How to Install Zip and Unzip in Linux

Zip is a command-line utility tool used for compressing files and folders. Compression of files & folders enables faster and more efficient transfer, storage, and emailing of files and folders. On the other hand, unzip is a utility tool that helps you decompress files and folders.

Benefits of zipping files:

  • Compressed/zipped files take up less disk space, leaving you with more space to work with.
  • Zipped files are easy to transfer including uploading, downloading, and attaching them on email.
  • You can easily decompress zipped files on Linux, Windows, and even mac.

In this topic, we focus on how you can install the zip and unzip utilities on various Linux distributions.

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How Disabling OOM killer on Ubuntu

Sometimes it may be necessary to disable OOM killer due to problems with it. In this case, just put the following code in /etc/sysctl.conf

vm.overcommit_memory = 2
vm.overcommit_kbytes = 0

We recommend that servers with low RAM (less than 4 GB) do not disable this function at all, as your server may have major problems.