How run MySQL dump inside mysql console

Sometimes it may be necessary to use the mysqldump command in the mysql command line. As you know, this command is an external command and must be executed separately, but with the method we teach, you can also use it in the mysql command line.


For this purpose, it is enough to use the phrase \!at the beginning of the command.

\! mysqldump -u username -p database > database_dump.sql

How Install LiteSpeed Web Server Plugin for cPanel/WHM

1.Install LiteSpeed WHM plugin

Run the following commands from ssh as root

cd /usr/src
sh ./
rm -f

Note: To uninstall WHM LiteSpeed plugin, run command at


2.Install LiteSpeed Web Server from within WHM

  1. Click “LiteSpeed Web Server Plugin for WHM” in “Plugins” section of WHM.
  2. Click “Install LiteSpeed Web Server”
  3. Fill in the form to sepecify
    • Trial license key or serial number
    • LiteSpeed target installation directory
    • Port Offset ( set to 0 to replace Apache otherwise set a number like “2000” to try LiteSpeed on port 2080 )
    • Whether to enable PHP SuEXEC
    • Assign user name and password for LWSW web admin console
    • Your email address as the Administrators email.
  4. Click “Next” to install LiteSpeed

If you set Port Offset to “0”, it may stop Apache and start LiteSpeed after a successful installation, you may want to switch back to Apache temporarily as we still need to build PHP binary for LiteSpeed.